Fair Updates

Updates for the 2020 Weld County Fair

Please reference the list below for all current updates from your Weld County Fair Board.


Fair Updates

Due to the COVID-19 situation and its impact on community health, the Weld County Fair Board is tirelessly working on ways to host a fair in a safe environment. Please reference the list below for all up to date information and changes for the 2020 Weld County Fair.

Highlights of the latest Weld County Fair Board decisions include:

  1. The 2020 Weld County Fair will be closed to the public.

  2. The 2020 Weld County Fair will not allow any vendors or entertainment.

  3. The 2020 Weld County Fair will only host 4-H and FFA competitive events (NO OPEN SHOWS).

  4. The 2020 Weld County Fair will have a livestock sale.

  5. Fair Entries - Entries will open on June 15th and close on July 10, 2020 for 4-H and FFA only (no open). Late entries will be accepted July 13 - 17, 2020 with appropriate late fees.

  6. Rabbits - The 2020 Weld County Fair Rabbit Show will look different this year due to the concerns of the Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus Serotype 2 (RHDV2). We will NOT be having a Breeding & Market Show.

Livestock Committee Update:

Monday night, the Weld County Fair Board finalized plans for the 2020 Weld County Fair. This letter is intended to share the key information for Livestock Exhibitors & their families. We appreciate your patience as the Livestock Committee & Fair Board have been working diligently to ensure the 4H & FFA competitive livestock events are executed “as close to normal as possible” within the ever-changing COVID-19 landscape.


  • All livestock shows, showmanship & the Jr. Livestock Sale will proceed according to the normal schedule as published in the Fair Book.

  • Horse show will happen as normal.

  • Goats & Sheep will stall & show in the Event Center.

  • Beef & Dairy will stall in the cattle barn & show under a tent on the grass.

  • Hogs will stall in the hog barn & show under a tent in the parking lot between the hog & beef barns.WEIGH-IN/CHECK-IN/CLASSIFICATION WILL HAPPEN AS NORMAL. THERE WILL BE NO UTILIZATION OF WEIGHT CARDS OR 5% WEIGH BACK.

  • There will be a Weld County Hog Breeders Show on Friday afternoon starting at 4:00pm.

  • There will be NO RABBIT SHOW for the 2020 WCF.

  • Large Animal All-Around Showmanship contest will take place on Sunday, August 2nd , starting at 9:00am. There will be NO Small Animal All-Around Showmanship contest.

  • Exhibitors must show the same animals that were shown to qualify for the All-Around contest.

  • Large Animal Premier Exhibitor contest will happen in 2020.

  • We understand that exhibitors were not able to enter for Premier Exhibitor prior to July 7th. ENTRIES FOR PREMIER EXHIBITOR ARE NOW OPEN. Please enter before the July 10th deadline. If unable due to the late nature of this communication, late entry fees will be waived, & exhibitors will be able to enter up to the beginning of fair.

  • As always, please visit the Weld County Fair website for the latest updates and communications.

Obviously, this is NOT an all-inclusive list, but intended to be a high-level summary to address FAQs. We do appreciate your patience with us as we navigate through the County directed regulations. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us directly.

Thank you,
Mike Frink, Vice President: Weld County Fair Board: 970-381-1591
Christie Gabel, Treasurer: Weld County Fair Board: 970-396-6830

Livestock Sale Update:

We hope that you’ve had a great summer up to this point and you’re getting excited for the 2020 Weld County Fair. As a result of continued communications with the Board of County Commissioners and the Fair Board regarding the 2020 sale, there have been some changes made to our initial sale plan. Please understand the fluid nature of the COVID-19 restrictions, those impacts on the planning process and the genuine intention of the Fair Board and the Jr. Livestock Sale Committee to ensure the best possible sale for you. This letter is intended to outline the plan for the 2020 sale as well as highlight the key changes from previously communicated requirements.


  • Sale will be held Monday, August 3rd, 2020 at 3:00 p.m. in the Event Center at Island Grove.

  • ALL 245 exhibitors that qualify for the sale will sell their animals LIVE.


  • There will be a Buyer Appreciation meal served for buyers only as we are following strict food service guidelines in the meal room.


  • Buy Back is the only option for the Buyers of the 2020 sale; no custom processing will be available.

  • There will be NO Carcass Contest for 2020.

  • The sale will also be hosted on LiveAuctions.TV to allow for online bidding/purchasing of sale animals. Please share this link to potential supporters of the sale and encourage them to register as a buyer and bid through the Live Auctions portal if they’re not able to attend in person.

Following processes will continue as published in the Fair Book:

  • The sale nomination process: turning in sale nomination cards 1 hour after the completion of the market show.

  • Animals nominated for the sale will stay on the grounds for the duration of the fair, until the final sale order is published on Sunday afternoon.

  • Nominated animals that do not qualify for the sale must go home Sunday after release time or be put on the buyback truck.

  • Sale animals and animals intended for the buyback will stay on fairgrounds from their respective shows until Tuesday morning load out-day after sale.

  • Load out will happen as normal on Tuesday morning, August 4th.

We hope that you find this news to be encouraging and exciting as we approach the final fair countdown. If you happen to have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Fred Kayser, President Jr. Livestock Sale Committee: 970-396-4900
Michael Hays, V.P. Jr. Livestock Sale Committee: 970-420-4775
Mike Frink, V.P. Weld County Fair Board: 970-381-1591
Christie Gabel, Treasurer Weld County Fair Board: 970-396-6830

Security and Risk Management:

  • Campers will return they must be paid by July 17th at 5pm. You will be keeping the same camper reservation as before. Please Contact Nancy in the Fair Office at 970-400-2085 with questions.

  • Appreciation Lunches will be in the event center in front of the vendor area or in the back area. Saturday, Sunday Monday, July 25,26,27. Will be provided from outside companies. Tuesday July 28th thru August 1st will be provided by the food booth.

Thanks in Advance,
Neil Temmer, 720-438-8409
Weld County Fair Board