The Weld County Fair simply would not and could not operate without the generous support of our partners/sponsors.

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Sponsors Serving LunchThanks to the outpouring of support from Weld County businesses and community, we have been and remain a FREE fair with no charge for admission, parking, or events. It is with great pride and pleasure that we are able to present a family-friendly event where people young and old can come together and enjoy a day (or week!) of fun without breaking the bank.

Families are our focus and promoting agriculture while providing healthy competition are top priorities of the Weld County Fair. We strive to have our participants challenge themselves in accomplishing their greatest achievements whether it’s in livestock or other exhibit areas of their choosing. Our ambition is to create a fair that is enjoyable for both the urban and rural audiences of Weld County. To reach our objective, your support through partnership dollars is essential.
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The Weld County Fair book is distributed to over 3,000 homes and businesses across Weld County. As a result, the 2018 Weld County Fair boasted an astounding 4,384 entries from 1,460 exhibitors! Additionally, the Fair played host to over 48,000 visitors last year! By providing a partnership with the Fair, this is the audience your company can reach!

Sponsorship in our awards area begin at just $25 and span all the way up to our GRAND CHAMPION partnership level at $10,000 and above. You may specify an event or contest during fair that you would like to be a partner for or have your partnership used in areas that may be in need of financial support. If you have a desire to provide partnership at a level not mentioned in the packet, we can design a custom partnership that meets your requirements. All partnerships at any level are greatly appreciated!!!