Fair Royalty

Weld County Fair Royalty

2019 Royalty CourtThe 2019 Weld County Fair Royalty Court was officially announced and crowned by Weld County Fair Board President Tracy Axton in January.

All three young ladies competed for their titles during the Royalty Contest, which included judging on public speaking, personal interviews and modeling. Through the end of the year, the Queen, Attendant and Princess will represent and promote Weld County Fair by making appearances and participating in a variety of events, parades and activities.

The Royalty court also hosts our "Royalty For A Day" program for youth 4-10 years old during the Weld County Fair. More information and application for the program is available under our Entries & Events section.

For more information about the Weld County Fair and the Royalty Program or to request an appearance, please visit contact Fair Coordinator Kendyl Berger at (970) 400-2069.

Queen, Camy Seelhoff
2019 Queen Camy Seelhoff

Hello everyone! My name is Camy Seelhoff and I’m excited to be serving as the 2019 Weld County Fair Queen! I am 17 years old and I am a Senior at Valley High School in Gilcrest. My favorite subjects are Band and English. I participate in numerous clubs at Valley High, including National Honor Society, FFA, Student Council, Band, Jazz Band, and I am on the Swim team. I am the daughter of Fred and Kelly Seelhoff and I have an older sister, Katie Seelhoff.

I have done many different projects throughout my years in 4-H, but the ones I am doing this year are Archery, Visual Arts, Model Rockets, and Restoration. My favorite project is Archery where I shoot in the compound limited category. I have been a member of the Wranglers 4-H club for the past 13 years, I am currently serving as the President. I have also participated in Youth Executive Council for the past five years, in which I am also currently serving as the president. Over the past three years I’ve had the honor of representing Weld County 4-H at District II, which we share with Boulder County and Larimer County. I am currently serving as the Secretary and will be serving as President in the year 2019-2020, for District II. All of my clubs and projects have each provided unique experiences that I am so grateful to have had.

In my free time I love to play my instruments, hang out with friends, draw, and travel. I have been playing flute for seven years, tenor saxophone for four years, and piccolo for two years. I have also had the opportunity to be my band’s drum major this year. I have been fortunate enough to be able to travel to numerous states and to Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Grand Cayman and Jamaica, but my favorite place that I have traveled to is Italy.

I can’t wait for all of my new experiences that I’m going to have over 2019. Ever since I was a little girl in the Cloverbud project, the fair was by far one of my favorite weeks of the year; so I’m just thrilled to have the opportunity to represent such a great fair. I can’t wait to see everyone throughout the year and want to wish you all good luck with all of your projects!

Attendant, Shelby Tveten
2019 Attendant Shelby Tveten

Hi all, my name is Shelby Tveten and I am your 2019 Weld County Fair Attendant! I am elated for the opportunity to represent the Weld County Fair throughout this year! I am currently a Junior at Roosevelt High School in Johnstown. I participate in many extracurricular activities including National Honor Society, FFA where I am on the Horse Judging Team, the Interact club which is a community service group through Rotary International, various church councils, I play the piano, 4H Youth Executive Council, and I participate in Winter and Spring Track and Field. Within school, I enjoy chemistry, astronomy, US history, and agriculture classes. I absolutely love traveling around the country and learning all about the history of how our country became the amazing nation is it today!

I am the daughter of Bruce and Linda Tveten and have a younger brother, Alex.  

I became involved in 4H when I was eight years old. Since the day I walked out of my first meeting, I knew this was the organization to which I wanted to devote my time.  This will be my eighth year of being a member of the Calico ‘n Jeans Club of Johnstown and Milliken.  I have steadily held offices since I turned twelve, including Alternate, Secretary, and Vice President. I have participated in many projects such as the Citizenship Washington Focus trip, Heritage Arts Crochet, Visual Arts Drawing, Leather working, and various sewing projects. This year I will be showing a pig, restoration, and visual arts drawing! I joined the Youth Executive Council last year and am currently serving as a Reporter and a District 2 Alternate Senator. I have already had the privilege to attend the Leadership Development Conference and State Conference. There I learned many valuable life skills which I will take with me for years to come! Through my 4H experience thus far, I have grown as a whole increasing my public and interview speaking, my confidence, and discovering who I really am. 

I am so honored to have the opportunity to represent the Weld County Fair as we begin the second century as a fair! This organization has done so much for me and I hope to encourage others to participate so they could have all the amazing opportunities as I. I am so excited to see each and every one of you this year! Come up and say hello, I would love to meet you!

Princess, Mayzie Helzer

2019 Princess, Mayzie Helzer

Welcome to the 101st Weld County Fair!  My name is Mayzie Helzer and I am very proud to be your 2019 fair princess.  I’m so excited to be of service this fair and to see all the amazing projects that everyone has been working so hard on all year!  I have been having a great time going to different events throughout the summer, learning from and speaking to a lot of amazing people about our fair and all the events we have throughout the week. 

Here is a little about me.  I attend school at Platte Valley Middle School where I will be an 8th Grader in the fall.  My parents are Jeremy and Kim Helzer and I have two sisters Lily and Mollie. We live on a place where I enjoy having lots of different animals and have tried showing in the past through the catch-it programs. In 4-H this year I am taking artistic clothing and cake decorating where I’ll be making a cut-up cake which have never done before. I have enjoyed playing softball this summer and I love to sing, dance and practice my acting skills whenever I can.

If you are wanting something that is challenging and rewarding I encourage you to try out for the Royalty program.  The fair is a place to make memories and I feel that the things you learn from this opportunity will not only help you build self-confidence now but will help you greatly in the future as well.  See you all soon!